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What to expect during pedorthic care...
Once a conference with the Pedorthist and your Doctor and/or other related practitioner determines your need for pedorthic services, you will begin a comprehensive consultation and workup with the Pedorthist.

This is a simple process that is not unpleasant or uncomfortable. The Pedorthist will examine your feet, your posture and balance, your gait (the way in which you normally walk at this time), and most often make a casting of your foot (feet). The casting process is done right at our Pedorthics Lab, is not difficult for the patient, and only takes a few moments.

The results will be discussed with the other members of your foot care team and a plan for pedorthic devices and treatment will begin. The number and frequency of visits to the Pedorthist depends on your customized treatment program and your individualized response to the treatment. Since we maintain our own Pedorthics Lab on site, minor adjustments to the pedorthic devices are generally quick and convenient.

At Shoe Boat we have many years experience working with the finest foot care professionals in the region on a regular basis with hundreds of patients. We will do everything possible to make your pedorthic treatment as smooth and carefree as possible each step of the way!

At the top, Board Certified Pedorthist Tab Halberg prepares a patients foot for casting. The tube along the top of the foot allows for room to make a removal cut in the casting.

Below, the casting is removed and will become a mold for an exact plaster likeness of the patients foot.