9131 College Parkway, Suite 120, Fort Myers,Florida (in the Neighborhood Walmart Center)    Hours:  Mon thru Sat 9:30 am to 5:00 pm       239-481-3404
About Shoe Boat, Inc. - Our 36 year history...
In 1979, the average cost of new house was $58,100.00

Average Income per year was $17,500.00
Average Monthly Rent $280.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 86 cents
Sony Walkman $200.00
Jox Trainers $14.99

Jimmy Carter was President.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 838

A new Chevy Malibu was $3,600.
A new Corvette was $12,300

…and Shoe Boat Shoes was founded in Fort Myers, Florida by footwear expert Ed Halberg!

Long term customers are pleased to still see many family members at the store, and new customers are impressed by the up-to-date technical services and footwear expertise they find at Shoe Boat, Inc. 
Shoe Boat was originally a retailer of casual and dress shoes. Over the years there footwear and services have expanded to include specialty and orthopedics shoes, and pedorthics.

Shoe Boat also grew as a family business with son Tab Halberg, a Board Certified Pedorthist, assuming the business operations around 2005.

The 3,000 sq ft facility, still in Fort Myers,
now includes a full onsite Pedorthics
and Gait Laboratory.