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We want you to Notice the Difference.  Comfort, looks and longer lasting footwear.  Make Shoe Boat, Inc., your "One" for Footwear and Foot Care.
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Pedorthics Lab and Foot Care Center
9131 College Parkway, Suite 120, Fort Myers,Florida (in the Neighborhood Walmart Center)    Hours:  Mon thru Sat 9:30 am to 5:00 pm       239-481-3404
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Welcome to Shoe Boat, Inc., where we provide quality foot care through proper foot wear.
Here's How....
    Our 3,000 square foot retail footwear showroom features the best brands, the most popular styles, and our professional staff provides personalized service to help you choose the right shoe.

    Not just a shoe store... The Difference - is our Board Certified Pedorthist with an on-site, fully certified, and facility accredited, custom Pedorthics Lab and Foot Care Center.

"I’m proud to say that my family and I have been in business for over three decades. We are uniquely qualified to provide your best footwear solution in every situation." 
Tab Halberg
Board Certified Pedorthist
...together providing quality foot care through proper footwear!
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Pedorthics is the fitting and modification, or custom designing and manufacturing of footwear and related devices to alleviate stability problems and/or pain caused by a variety of issues including injury, disease (such as diabetes), congenital defects, improper use, etc.
Find out more about foot conditions and how pedorthics and proper footwear can help by going to our Pedorthics Lab and
Foot Care Center page

Tab Halberg, Board Certified Pedorthist, explains the bones of the foot to a client in the Pedorthics Lab at Shoe Boat, Inc.
You get…

*  Personalized Service
Our Professional Staff is there to help YOU!
*  Choices 
We carry the Most Famous Brands, Popular Styles, and More Sizes to
meet your needs and lifestyle.
Our Pedorthics Lab and Foot Care Center facility is fully accredited with an on-site Board Certified Pedorthist, your assurance of quality service.